Shively Street Listing

Addison Ct.

Addison Ln.

Alana Dr.

Altus Dr.

Amboy Dr.

Appleton Ct.

Appleton Ln.

Argonne Ave.

Atterberry Ct.

Auburn Dr.

Ava Ct.

Bachmann Dr.

Barkwood Rd.

Bayside Ct.

Bella Ct.

Bernheim Ln.

Bitten Ln.

Bonnie Lea Ct.

Burrell Dr.

Butler Rd.

Model Rd.

Candor Ave

Cane Run Rd. (3801 thru 4121)

Cardinal Ct.

Cavalier Dr.

Chalmers Ct.

Chester Rd.

Cheviot Dr.

Clinton Place

Clyde Dr.

Colony Ct.

Cottage Ln.

Crest Ct.

Crums Ln.

Crums Ln. South

Darlene Dr.

David Ave.

Delores Ave

D Lue Ct.

Deorr Dr.

Deveron Dr.

Dixie Hwy.  (3801 thru 4733)

Dohn Rd. (4600 thru 4724)

Donna Rd.

Dover Rd. (odd #’s only)

Dubourg Ave.

Dulworth Ave

East Ln.

Ecton Ln.

Eden Ln.

Edgin Ct.

Edsil Johnson Way

Elgin Way

Eklhorn Ln.

Elvira Ct.

Embassy Ln.

Farnsley Rd.

Fern Lea Rd.

Fernheather Dr.

Fitzgerald Rd.

Foxhurst Dr.

Fred Warns Way

Gagel Ave. (1700-1732)

Garey Ln.

Garrs Ln.

Gillette Ave.

Glenhurst Ave.

Glenview Pl.

Grandview Dr.

Hampstead Ct.

Hampstead Dr.

Hartlage Ave.

Hartlage Ct.

Heather Ln.

Heatherfield Dr.

Heaton Rd.

Herbert Ave.

Hillside Dr.

Hillview Ave.

Huber Rd.

Imperial Ct.

Imperial Terrace

Jacks Ln.

Janell Rd.

Jenlee Ln.

Judy Ln.

Kelland Way

Kendall Ln.

Kennedy Rd.

Kenrose Way

Kiefer Rd.

Kingswood Way

Klages Ave.

Koppel Dr.

Lampkins Ct.

Laura Ave.

Leahurst Ct.

Leeds Rd.

Legene Dr.

Leroy Ave.

Lindsey Dr.

Linherk Ave.

Lisa Ave.

Lomond Dr.

Loney Ln.

Loretta Ave.

Luckert Ave.

Luken Dr.

Lynn Lea Ct.

Lynn Lea Rd.

Mark Jones Way

Marlow Rd.

Mary Catherine Dr.

Martin Ave. (even #’s only)

Matheis Ln.

Mercer Ave.

Middle Ln.

Mildred Dr.

Millcreek Dr.

Millers Ln. (even #’s only)

Mildred Dr.

Miracle Dr.

Moray Ct.

Neblett Ave.

Nelson Ave.

Neville Dr.

New Millennium Dr

Nobel Ct.

Nobel Place

Nonny Lynn Dr.

North Ln.

Nova View

O’Brien Ct.

Oeherle Dr.

Olena Ave.

Park Dr.

Park Rd.

Parkay Place

Park Row Dr.

Peaslee Rd.

Peleske Dr.

Penhurst Dr.

Perth Ct.

Perth Dr.

Pioneer Rd.

Quinn Ct.

Quinn Dr.

Ralph Ave.

Ramser Ave.

Ramser Ct.

Rausch Ave.

Riedley Rd.

Robin Dr.

Rockford Ln.

Rockford Ln East

Rockford Plaza

Roger Hughes Way

Rhonda Ave.

Rosa Terrace

Sadie Ln.

St Dennis Ave.

St Joseph Ave.

Sanders Ln.

San Jose Ave.

San Jose Ct.

Savage Dr.

Schaffner Dr.

Schmitts Ln.

Schreck Ct.

Searcy Ct.

Shadowfern Dr.

Shoreham Ln.

Sonne Ave.

Spen Lea Rd.

Stallings Ave.

Stewart Ave.

Stewart Ln.

Stonestreet Ave.

Stowers Ln.

Strotman Rd.

Theresa Ave.

Thistledawn Rd.

Thurman Ct.

Timothy Ln.

Tiny Ln.

Tree Island Ct.

Tucker Rd.

Valleyview Dr.

Vanhoose Rd.

Venhoff Ave.

Verna Rd.

Walnut Grove Ave.

Wathen Ln.

Wayne Rd.

Wayside Dr.

Well Spring Way

Wessel Ave.

Wessel Rd.

West Ln.

Woodgate Ct.

Woodmere Ave.

Wurtele Ave.

Youngland Ave.

7th Street Rd.

7th Street Rd. South

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