Shively Area Business Association

Formed in 1994, the Shively Business Association (SABA) rapidly grew to a membership of approximately ninety business, churches, schools, and social services. If one speculated on the immediate success, several factors could be cited. The Shively Area is a strong community. Many have long term roots in the community and deep seeded relationships. This community is an active community. The members were ready for a conduit to gather, work, and promote their business and interest, as well a further their relationships through networking.

The mission of SABA is simply stated as “Shively area Business Association, Inc. is a coalitions of members who join efforts to enhance the quality of life and business growth in this community and to support each other in our endeavors.”

With a combined voice, SABA members address issues that effect the community. With one voice, SABA represent the needs of businesses, residents, churches, and schools.

Shively Area Business Association continues to develop and to change as the community develops and changes. SABA invites all business to join in its mission. This invitation brings the challenge of commitment and involvement in a dynamic business community.

Some Points of Interest

  • Provides a mechanism for addressing the Shively area business community needs.
  • Furnishes opportunities for networking within the Shively area business community.
  • Provides a unified voice for the business community in discussion with local and state government agencies.
  • Creates awareness of diversity of individual services and products available in the Shively business area.
  • Informs Shively area business of developments in the Shively area of improvements, zoning, use, and etc.

For more information in regards of additional benefits of being a member of SABA please contact Shively City Hall at 502-449-5000.

Shively Area Business Association Membership Application

Business Membership Dues are $75 and Church/Resident Membership Dues are $55.

Membership Dues should be mailed to:

Shively Area Business Association
4400 Dixie Highway
Louisville, KY 40216

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