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City Of Shively Code Enforcment

If you see a yard in your neighborhood with grass or weeds over 12 inches in height covering most of a lot call 502-449-5000. This issue needs to be resolved as quickly as possible to protect health and safety. 

 Overgrown yards are not only an eyesore but a community safety issue: Weeded lots give an impression no one cares for the neighborhood. This attracts crime and vandalism, eroding community safety and value.  In many cases one uncared for lot slowly leads to a cluster of neglected properties. 

City of Shively Property Codes protects neighborhoods by demanding a basic level of property care. This includes regular attention to grass and other vegetation around homes. Most neighbors want to do the right thing. If a Property Code Inspector informs a resident that their yard has been reported as a neighborhood tall grass or weeds nuisance, often the issue is taken care of quickly. But in other more complex cases, it can take up to three to four weeks to go through the various processes and procedures necessary to force a property owner's compliance and get an overgrown lot taken care of. These processes and procedures exist to protect the rights of property owners and all residents. Due process allows no short cuts. 

So what should you do if a neighbor, for whatever reason, has let their property become an overgrown safety hazard? One option is to call in a Tall Grass & Weeds complaint to the Code Enforcement officer at 502-449-5000 or email:

Below describes the steps we will take to produce results using this process. Sometimes produces quick results.  At other times it can take up to three to four weeks to get the property mowed. 

Due process for dealing with Citizen Complaints.

1.    A citizen makes the complaint at City Hall (502.449.5000) or by speaking with the code enforcement officer or by email

2.    The complaint is processed and assigned to an inspector who visits the site within 5 days of the original complaint; during this visit the Inspector assesses the situation and issues a notice to the resident if a violation has occurred.

3.    According to the law, a violator has 10  days from receiving the notice to take care of the problem cited, in this case to care for their yard.  The Inspector will make a visit to the property after that to guarantee the resident has complied.

4.    If the resident has still not complied, within 24-hours of the re-inspection the citizen will receive a fine and a summons to appear before the Code Enforcement Board.

5.    If the resident still has not complied by the second notice date the Shively works department will be assigned to do the necessary maintenance on the property within three days.

6.    Once the job is completed, the full cost of work and all administration regarding this complaint is charged to the property owner.  A lien is placed on the property for the full amount .  The cost to the violator for non-compliance is usually somewhere between $150.00 for a typical yard to more than $600.00 depending on the size of the lot and the extent of the maintenance required.

7.    If a tall grass complaint is made and verified on a property considered to be a repeat tall grass violator, the 10-14 day compliance period is waived and placed on our constant abatement list (and the property owner is charged full costs and administrative fees) as soon as a code enforcement officer approves the violation, often within a week of a valid complaint.